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Production units

Egg production units

Kashani Production Group is active including 6 laying hen breeding units called Ki Ashian farm, Chehel Hesaran 1, Chehel Hesaran 2, Kahfeshan, and two other farms under the management of this complex with a total capacity of 341,000 pieces, and a daily production capacity of 30 tons of edible eggs. Besides, the pullet breeding farm of Behesht Ghamsar is another active farm of Lop Goli Group with the capacity of breeding 150,000 pieces of pullets.

Pullet rearing farm

The egg packing center depended on Lop Goli, with a capacity of packing 5000 kg of eggs daily is active on a land with an area of 15,000 square meters, located in Ki Ashian complex. In this center, after being gathered and then transferred to Hall No. 1, the produced eggs in Ki Ashian farm are carefully sorted in a separate and hygienic environment by satisfying the principles of quarantine as well as by employing separate personnel. Then, they are transferred to Hall No. 2 packing. After inserting the manufacture and expiry dates, the fresh produced eggs are prepared to distribute in the markets in the form of 6-pice, 12-pice packages, or are shrunk in the form of 30-pice trays.

Egg Packing and Pasteurization Center of Lop Goli (Being established)

In order to produce more beautiful and diverse products, Lop Goli Groupsince has built a factory for packing eggs and other poultry since 2019, along with a separate center for separation and pasteurization of yolks, whites, and also other products originated from eggs with a daily packing capacity of 50 tons of edible eggs in a land area of 6000 square meters, located in Qamsar Industrial City. The mentioned complex can be operated in 3 phases, in which the first phase will be operated by the end of 2021.



Kashani Production Group has always emphasized the principle of quality by utilizing up-to-date knowledge. In this regard, three most important and fundamental principles for producing a quality product are to satisfy the farm bioscurity, disease management, and nutrition.


Laying pullets of Kashani complex are produced in Behesht Ghamsar farm in a wholly strategic place with regard to the high distance from other meat and laying farms in the city. The planned management associated with 

Kashani production group has begun its activity from 2001 by distributing eggs. Regarding the market need for eggs via up-to-date standards, the Kashani brothers entered the field of production and then developed their activities. Currently, Kashani production group is operating with a monthly production capacity of 900 tons of edible eggs as well as a pullet breeding unit with a capacity of 150,000 pieces in order to supply the production chain.
Moreover, the packing eggs factory and eggs of other poultry, in addition to a separate production line for separating and pasteurization of egg products, are the other parts of Kashani production group. Therefore, this complex has become one of the largest producers in the country by having the most advanced equipment in the field of production and distribution of the product